Common Mistakes of Street Dating to Avoid for Men

Street dating has always been one of the ways to get acquainted. However, many of them are turned to failure as fewer girls are tended to move forward. So, if you finally decided to try your chances, you should learn the most common mistakes of street dating. Here we go!

1) Don’t be rude

Rude words are the worst you can say at the first meeting. If your attention is not appreciated, just wish her good luck and go. Avoid sexism, racism, ageism and other possible offenses. Remember, that you may also become the object of humiliation. Be polite, and next time you will have more chances for success.  

2) Avoid being banal

Banal phrases like “Remember we met in your dreams?” or “Isn’t it scary for such a beautiful girl to walk alone at night?” may only distract her than attract her attention. If you want to make a good impression, start from the common phrases and try to find some joint interests to continue the conversation.

3) Don’t be vulgar

Vulgar expressions will not work for you. It is obvious, that you should avoid any simple hints which have a vulgar context. If you are looking for a girl for a night — it is better to use the thematic websites and to arrange a meeting with a girl with the same purpose. Otherwise, be a gentleman.

4) Don’t scare people with your look

Your hairstyle, beard, clothes and fresh breath are extremely important if you want to make a good first impression. Take care of yourself before going out, so it will bring you additional confidence and chances to succeed.

5) Don’t lie

Making new acquaintances begin from lie is not the best idea. Don’t pretend to be somebody you are not actually are. Otherwise, the girl will be disappointed when your lies will be revealed. This is not a good fundament to build a new relationship.

Why is Street Dating so Popular?

Despite the potentially wide circle of friends, many people are so busy with work and careers that they don’t have time to take care of their personal lives. However, they begin to pay attention to each other on the streets. Random strangers have a special charm of mystery. It seems that she is the one with whom you will be happy all your life.

What is the danger of random flirting? You should be acknowledged that there is a risk of running into some inadequate relations. There are many guys who turn street dating into a hobby. Such men are called pick-up men; they collect addresses and telephones of girls in the same way as others collect old coins.

Seven out of 10 girls are negative of contacts with strangers. However, street dating can be quite interesting not only for guys but also for girls. It is only necessary to take a closer look at the person, in order to avoid dangerous acquaintances.