Girls Appreciate Expensive Gifts

As for the gifts, all the fairer sex can be divided into several categories, which are not only interconnected but also intertwined from time to time.

About the Attitude of Girls to Gifts

  • Gift as a manifestation of love!

For this category of women, gifts are primarily the language of love. Their logic is simple: the more gifts and the more expensive they are, the stronger the feelings of a lover, and vice versa. Undoubtedly, there is some truth in this, because if a man decided to surprise the woman, thought through all the details, ran around the shops, carefully selected a gift and gladly gives it to her, then she is not indifferent to him.

  • Gift as evidence of the serious relationship

That is if he can talk about love as much as he likes, but if he buys an expensive gift, this indicates serious intentions. This is extremely important for the girl because she wants to not only have fun but to build relationships that have a future.

  • A gift as a guarantee a man will not leave a woman

Very often, women “unwind” men for gifts or other monetary investments (payment of restaurant bills, subscriptions to beauty salons and fitness clubs, vouchers for resorts) out of fear … of being abandoned. These ladies perceive male offerings as a kind of investment in themselves. “The more he puts in me,” they argue, “the harder it will be to leave me later.” From their point of view, they are right. Even if in the heat of a quarrel a man comes up with the idea of ​​parting with his woman, having cooled down, he will think: “I spent so much money on her! If you start a new one now, it will have to be spent again, charm, bewitch, and as a result, it may very well turn out to be no better. No, they’re not looking for good from good. ” 

  • “You — to me, me — to you!”

If a woman is in an emotional deficit all the time, it seems to her she gives much more than she receives, gifts partially help her to compensate for these unpleasant sensations. Such a woman builds relationships with a man, perceiving them as trade relations. She begins to bargain with a man: “You buy me jewelry, and I will be sweet and welcoming!” Or something like that. Of course, this behavior is not very beautiful and quite far from moral standards. But the fact a woman builds her relationship with a man in this way is a significant part of his guilt. But often this happens due to a lack of attention from the man.


And yet, girls are very fond of gifts, because it is just nice, this is attention from a man. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.