Why Do Western Men Want a Ukrainian Wife?

When a Western man is looking for a wife — he is looking for a woman with whom life can be shared: life, emotions, and happy old age.

Why Foreigners Choose Exactly Ukrainian Wives:

  1. As the foreigners themselves assure, the long struggle for the equal rights of men and women has led to real gender equalization in everything. This means Western women not only began to work like men and earn money like men but also think like men, act like men, look like men.
  2. Europeans and Americans are much easier to relate to their appearance. Manicure, makeup, feminine dresses, and skirts — all this for a special occasion, not for every day. They don’t do makeup to take out the trash and don’t go to the supermarket in high heels. Therefore, Ukrainian women for marriage seem to Western men a kind of standard of beauty and femininity. 
  3. Slavic women, in contrast to Western women, are not inclined for years to “test relationships” — six months, a year after they meet — for them it is quite an acceptable time for deciding on marriage. But Americans and Europeans, who do not believe a woman is realized mainly through marriage and who do not set age restrictions for themselves in this regard, can “look closely” for a very long time. Therefore, foreign businessmen who do not have a large margin of time for a long search or those who have already realized financially and are now ready to start a family soon, rather than “someday,” rightly believe a Ukrainian wife is a great option.
  4. Besides, modern Western women (and this is confirmed by statistics) do not want to give birth. They want to travel, improve, build a career. But the Ukrainian wife, according to the expectations of potential suitors, will be ready to give birth, and not only ten years after the wedding, but right away. 
  5. While Western women are fully focused on themselves and personal development, for Slavic women the family values remain in the first place. Therefore, foreigners often rely on the fact the Ukrainian wife will be able to create an atmosphere of family comfort, warmth, and harmony in the house.

Another feature due to which the Ukrainian wife becomes so desired in the eyes of a foreigner: this is the ability of Slavic women to look at a man with admiration. It’s sad but true: many things that are quite commonplace in the West in Ukrainian society have not yet become commonplace for most families, even those who consider themselves happy. For example, when a man helps around the house or takes care of children, responsibility, respect for the woman’s emotions, the absence of scandals and public scenes — all this causes sincere admiration of the Ukrainians. And a man, to see the admiration in the eyes of his beloved, is ready for a lot. Including to go to the ends of the world in search of love.